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Waste Water Location (e.g. sewer in backyard / out to the street). Please include estimated distance to location. *
GateCode (if required)
Accessory Storage Location - If nothing noted, they will be left on the pool deck.
Replace winterizing plugs as needed **Opting out of this will result in a loss of the winterization warranty. Price per plug is available at the link below. Please call with any questions** *
Plug Pricing
Additional time for vacuuming per half hour @ $45.00 per half hour. **One hour of vacuuming is included in your closing.** *
I authorize repairs at my closing. (Example: If the technician needs to replace a ball valve to winterizie your line). *
Closing Options
Body of Water *
Infloor Cleaning System - $150.00 *
Number of Water Features *
Closing Add Ons
    Auto Cover Pit Cleaning & Disinfectant - $150.00
  Super Shock Treatment - $90.00 (12 gallons of shock)*RECOMMENDED*
  Natural Chemistry Pool Magic - $40.00 *RECOMMENDED*
  Natural Chemistry Hassle Free Closing Kit - $60.00*RECOMMENDED*
  REVIVE Water Treatment - $45.00 *RECOMMENDED*
  Filter Element Cleaning - $135.00
  Salt Water Generator Cleaning - $75.00
Additional Notes for Technician

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$400 deposit is required for sheduling. Any remaning balance on your account must be paid by your scheduled closing date or the appointment will be canceled.
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Terms & Conditions

  • Disputed charges must be registered with the office within 48 hours of service or repair
  • Quantus Pools is not responsible for fill water in any capacity
  • Quantus Pools is not responsible for lost usage of pool.
  • Account must be paid in full to schedule the closing 
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