This must be filled out and e-signed by the credit card holder. The cardholder on this agreement must be present with the credit card and drivers license upon pickup of the machine(s).

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RZR XP1000 2-seat ($350 full-day/$250 half-day)

How many 2-seat RZR's?

Maverick X3 Turbo 2-seat ($450 full-day/$350 half-day)

RZR XP1000 4-seat ($400 full-day/$300 half-day)

How many 4-seat RZR's?

RZR XPTurbo 4-seat ($450 full-day/$350 half-day)

Ranger Crew 900 6-seat ($400 full-day/$300 half-day)

*Starting Date:  (Month/Day/Year)

*Ending Date:  (Month/Day/Year)

Full Day 9am-5pm 

Half Day 8am-12pm  (half-day not offered Saturday's or Sunday's)

Half Day 1pm-5pm  (half-day not offered Saturday's or Sunday's)

Scenic Tour 2hrs   Start time (Full-day Price) (Tours are not offered Saturday's or Sunday's)

Adventure Tour 4hrs   Start time (Full-day Price plus $100) (tours are not offered Saturday's or Sunday's)

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The above credit card will be used for the rental and security deposit. The full rental amount will be charged right away unless your reservation is longer than 1 week away then only $100 per machine/day will be secured and the remaining balance will be due on the day of the rental. No refunds will be given unless by owners discretion.

The $2500 security deposit per vehicle will be ran as an authorizational hold on the day of the rental and will show pending on your card for 1 week as long as no damage is present upon return of the rented vehicle.. Guided tours have a $1000 security deposit per vehicle.

Within an hour or two after submitting this form within normal business hours 9am-5pm a rental agreement will be sent to the email listed above to e-sign. If you do not see the email make sure you check your spam/junk mail.

By signing this form I agree to be charged for the above selected date, time, and machine(s) to be rented.

Date: 3/24/2018
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