Pool Opening Form

Pool Opens include:
  • Installing skimmer baskets and handrails.
  • Flood plumbing lines and removing winterizing plugs and gizmo for skimmer operation.
  • Opening the filter, pumps, and heater from winterizing.
  • Lubing gaskets and o-rings on the pump and filter.
  • Adding chemicals chosen by you.
Important Information:
  • Technicians WILL NOT be able to balance water chemistry on the day the pool is opened. This service can take several days in some cases and is not part of the Pool Opening. If you would like us to balance your water chemistry (for an additional cost) after the pool is opened, please make note of that in the comments section below.
  • Technicians WILL NOT clean or vacuum the pool during opening. This process can take a while, and stir up sediment and debris in the pool. The pool water needs time to clear up after the pool is opened and chemicals are applied to the pool.
  • If your pool has turned GREEN over the winter months, we will have to schedule additional services to turn your pool from green to clean.
  • If your filter and salt cell were not cleaned at the end of last season, you will need to add those services to your Pool Opening.
  • Your salt system will not monitor salt levels properly until temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees.
  • If you choose to add salt to your Pool Opening, 3 bags will be provided, we WILL NOT add the salt unless temperatures are above 60 degrees.
  • Any additional items not included in your pool opening will be due at the time the opening is complete.
  • Make sure a responsible adult is home at the time of pool opening. Any return visits are chargeable if no one is home when the opening is complete.
What To Do After Our Visit:
  • Make sure the water level is in the middle of the skimmer by adding or removing water from the pool.
  • Brush the floor and walls, and clean the skimmer and skimmer basket.
  • Vacuum the pool. (Vacuum to waste if you have a lot of debris in your pool.)
  • Balance your water chemistry.
  • Move all winterizing equipment to a secure location for the end of the pool season.
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Pool Opening Type (Check 1)
No Cover / Auto Cover
Anchor Cover - In-ground pool that uses a safety cover that straps down to anchors in concrete or pavers.
 Chemicals (Check 1)
Opening Chemicals (2 gallons of shock, 1 quart of Algaecide)  
Deluxe Opening Chemicals (3 gallons of shock, 1 quart of Algaecide, 1 quart of Stain and Scale Remover, 5 lbs. of Stabilizer)  
No Chemicals  
Filter Cleaning
Salt Cell Cleaning
Add Salt to Pool Opening (Salt CANNOT be monitored until temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees) $41.84
Open In-ground Spa
Open Deck Jets (per)
Open Waterfall (per)

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